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Recycling Tankers

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With over 60 years of experience in building tankers and trailers for different purposes, and in a world where the enviroment is a major concern, it is only natural that Carmor would direct the knowhow to help with the solution.

The ‘ Community Composter’ manufactured by Carmor-Integrated Vehicle Solutions offers a solution,that is not only economical, but also ensures the proper treatment of organic waste produced in residential and institutional kitchens, in addition to the benefit from the recycled product, an excellent, high quality compost.

The ‘Community Composter’ cycles all types of organic waste, that has been mixed with pulp made of trimmed foliage, during the transportation from the collection containers to the Composter.

The Composter is constructed of two compartments. The entire process of the production from organic waste takes approximately two months through the compartments.

Sifted compost can then be distributed for domestic use or large scale agricultural use, while the rough material is returned to the Composter for further decomposition.


       Technical Specifications Include:                                                                                                                        

  • Input material – Domestic Organic Waste  (paper, garden pulp ………..)          Untitled 12
  • Size – H 3000mm W 2500mm L 5500mm
  • Biological Process – Free of Added Ingredients
  • Input Capacity – Up to 7 tons of Organic Waste
  • Output – Organic Compost Grains
  • Operation Control Cabinate – For Enviromate Adjustments/Setups
  • Cycle Time – Average 4 Weeks  (according to community size)

        Option Available :

  • Unloading Conveyers
  • Sorter