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Liquefied Petroleum Gas – LPG


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With over 60 years of manufacturing Tankers and Trailers of different types, for the purpose of transporting materials , including hazardous materials, Carmor recognizes the high risk involved in the transportation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas –  LPG.

With a team of experienced engineers; Carmor’s specialized tanks for the transportation and transfer of LPG are manufactured to the highest standards so as to eliminate the risk of leakage completely.

Carmor’s LPG tankers are designed with all of the necessary operational and safety features so as to ensure reliability under any condition, taking into account the climate and road conditions of the anticipated area of operations.

        General Features of LPG Tankers:

  • Based On the Maximum Vapor Pressure
  • For Vacumed Conditions – Minimum 0.4 bar
  • For Temperatures Ranging from Minus 20C to +50C
  • Surge Plates – According to Tank Size and Requirements
  • Manholes – According to Tank Size and Requirements
  • External Corrosion Protection
  •  As a one-stop shop manufacturer from design through to production, Carmor also provides ongoing service and maintenance support for all of our vehicles.  Carmor’s service engineers work closely with our customers to check that every detail is correctly configured and up to date with safety, environment and road regulations.

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