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Ground Refueler

For over 60 years, Carmor has manufactured high quality, robust and reliable ground refuelers for top level military and civilian clients around the world.

Providing full design and manufacturing services for fast, efficient and safe military and civilian ground refueling Hatehof adapts it’s solution to the customer’s requirements and offers solutions to a wide range of accessories such as fuelling drums according to customer’s definitions, meters, safety systems etc.

Carmor’s production is conducted under strict standards complying with the NFPA385, ADR, ISO 9001 & ISO 14001.


For chassis, engines and transmissions, Hatehof works with the world’s leading manufacturers according to the customer’s request.


Carmor is also the leading company for maintenance of ground refuelers and has the facilities and expertise to provide full maintenance and service support to the local customers.
The service given include refurbishing of damaged particles, replacement of critical component, complete disassembly and reassembly of the systems.

All of this done in house at Carmor’s facilities.

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