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Carmor Knows all about the Collection and Distribution of Fuel

One of the most recognized means for the transportation of petroleum (fuel) products from distribution terminals through to customers are Road Tankers.

Using the same expertise and know-how Carmor also designs and manufactures a range of refueling tankers in addition to a variety of ground refueling systems.

Carmor’s products go through one-stop manufacturing process it is a seamless process that begins with the design of the product, purchasing from the most reliable suppliers to the manufacture of a tanker/refueler equipped with technical solutions that exceeds any requirement.

Carmor’s many years of experience in the tank truck construction are particularly evident when it comes to meeting the market’s demand with solutions. With more than 60 years of experience the company can allow itself to boast a high level of competence in the tanker and refueling market.

All of our fueling systems be it for the road, air or ground are manufactured to the highest quality and meet all of the environment and safety standards requirements that are set.

As a one-stop shop manufacturer from design through to production, Carmor also provides ongoing service and maintenance support for all of our vehicles.  Carmor’s service engineers work closely with our customers to check that every detail is correctly configured and up to date with safety, environment and road regulations.


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