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Riot control vehicle

Riot control vehicle


The RCV riot control vehicles are specially designed to provide a range of non-lethal options to disperse protestors in situations of civil unrest and violent protest. They are equipped with powerful multidirectional water cannons that can also spray dye, tear gas, foam to extinguish fires and other additives. They are robust, compact and maneuverable in urban areas and off-road terrain.

Carmor introduces its unique water-efficient Pulse Jet Cannon System (PJCS). A roof-mounted system, Carmor’s PJCS consumes 60% less water than conventional straight stream systems. Fully remote controlled from within the crew cabin, the PJCS can shoot water, tear gas and dye in three optional cycles:

  • Semi-automatic single pulses (with adjustable liquid volume)
  • Automatic pulses
  • Continuous straight stream
  • Computerized control, system with endless upgrades options.
  • Self-protection system:
  • Fire suppressant sprinklers against fires ignited on the wheels
  • Surround jets against rioters approaching vehicle from the sides
  • A specially designed body and door locks that open only from the inside preventing demonstrators from climbing onto and into the vehicle
  • Variety of additives available (colored dye, tear gas, foam, etc.)


Download: Riot Control Vehicles for technical specifications