NBC Division / Sniffer




Carmor’s NBC detection vehicle the Sniffer, is a versatile 4×4 APC designed for the on-site identification of HAZMAT materials in the field in order to facilitate reliable and rapid diagnosis of an unconventional NBC or CBRN threat. It can be equipped according to user specifications with external probes and radiation detectors, an advanced chemical identification system, NBC protection ventilation and CBRN equipment decontamination systems, and a vicinity marking system for perimeter determination.

Characteristics Include:

  • Carries up to 4 people and 1.3 ton payload with GVW of 8.6 tons
  • Equipped with cameras and advanced communication systems for liaison with central command
  • Options for Stanag I or II protection kits for kinetic and mine blast protection

Download: Sniffer for technical specifications


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