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The Navigator family of vehicles is designed with maximal survivability with high protection, optimum automotive performance and multi-mission readiness features, providing its users with a range of capabilities including- close combat troop carrier, medical evacuation ambulance, and mission command & control center.

The Navigator vehicle versions enable ease of CFE integration, supporting each customer’s specific needs and requirements. Customers receive full training and support by Carmor’s specialised team, as part of our holistic one-stop solution.

Characteristics Include:

  • All terrain 4X4 armored vehicle with high maneuverability.
  • Monocoque based structure.
  • Heavy weight rating of 18-23 tons.
  • Equipped with complete survivability protection systems (Kinetic / IED / ATGM /Active Protection).
  • Adaptable platform for the integration of specific mission supporting systems.
    Cost-effective and combat proven, around the world.

Download: Navigator  for technical specifications

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