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Carmor specializes in the design and production of armored 4×4 all-terrain military vehicles for a wide range of applications, including border patrol and peace-keeping, personnel carriers and medical evacuation. Carmor’s unique multi-layered protection includes APS, kinetic and underbelly armoring, and must withstand rigorous terrain & fording tests as well as ballistic & blast testing using mines and IEDs.

Multiple configurations:

• Protection levels in compliance with international standards (STANAG, NIJ, etc.)

• Customized with weapons stations, missile launchers etc.

• Integrated night-vision and surveillance systems

• Military ambulances with state-of-the-art medical equipment

Armor Upgrades:

Carmor can provide customized Add-on Belly Armor Kits for law enforcement vehicles. We can also add monocoque (carbon fiber) panels to existing vehicles for extra kinetic shielding.

These innovative attachments require minimal vehicle modification and enhance protection by 90% without affecting task fulfilment.