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Since 1947, Netzer Sereni, a subsidiary of Carmor Integrated Vehicle Solutions, has gained extensive experience and expertise in the manufacturing of Trailers & Wagons.

Netzer Sereni manufactures:

  • trailers
  • tippers
  • palatalized load systems (hook lift)
  • freight wagons
  • bed trailers
  • general cargo semitrailers
  • insulated and refrigerated trailers

Through its accomplished craftsmanship and high technical standards, Netzer Sereni is able to provide the client with the best tailor-made solution fitting his requirements.

Netzer Sereni has also gained extensive experience in performing turn-key projects, and is a leading supplier for the Israel MOD and the IDF of up to 90 ton capacity trailers.

Netzer Sereni is a leading provider of maintenance services and is ISO9001 certified.