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Carmor Integrated Vehicle Solutions is among the international market leaders in designated vehicles for both military and civilian applications. Carmor, formerly known as Hatehof, was founded in Israel in 1947 and played a key role in equipping the new state  with specialized trucks and armored vehicles.

As a subsidiary of Brand Industries this highly respected international brand now manufactures vehicles for NATO and United Nations forces, and for civilian administrations, homeland security and military procurement departments in the Americas, across Africa, in the Middle East and the Far East.

Carmor designs multi-purpose vehicles with versatile designs, configurations and additional features, offering customized vehicle solutions to suit different terrains and requirements.

The expertise has been acquired through servicing complementary markets with a range of requirements from fuel storage, transportation and aircraft refueling, to firefighting, crowd control, armored patrols, and the management of unconventional events.

The armored vehicles are tested in action and under fire in both urban deployment and open terrain scenarios, each of them undergo rigorous laboratory testing prior to mass production. We apply the same critical performance standards and testing protocols to our civilian vehicle ranges. Carmor’s engineering team incorporates design elements in all our vehicles to ensure maximum user comfort.

The entire product lifecycle is managed from design, engineering and development through to manufacturing and field testing in Carmor’s facilities, as well as providing ongoing customer service and maintenance support.